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Thursday, December 20, 2012

You Can Take The Player Out Of Eve...

Well that was a little awkward, putting up a return to blogging post and following it with nothing for another couple of months.  I honestly thought I would continue, but truthfully, my interest in Eve basically fell to nothing and my desire to blog went with it.  Personal issues in real life have a tendency to do that I guess.

Anyway I actually am going to return this time.  I find I love writing, hell I've even started writing a book!  Don't worry, it won't end up being any good (probably), but I recently read an article that shamed me to do more with my life than watch TV.  Writing is something I enjoy, and it's always been a dream of mine to write a novel.  So we'll see what happens with it.  If I get it published (HA!) I'll be thrilled, but if not, at least I created something instead of just devouring the creations of others.

And in the end my love of writing is why I'm back to blogging, for real this time.  Eve is a passion of mine, the nuance of the meta-game, the skill required to fly your ship, or fit it, or trade, everything.  And writing about it is enjoyable to me, even if I don't have many readers yet.  So I'll have some thoughts over the next couple of days, then I'm heading off to Chicago for Christmas with the family. Maybe I'll even write some Eve fiction stories.

So assuming the world doesn't end tomorrow, expect more from me.

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