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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Making Core

Just a quick one here.  I was promoted to CORE member in Agony today!  I was fairly confidant that I would be promoted but there was still a fear that I wouldn't make it.  I now have a place to call home!  So stoked I can't explain it.  Thanks go out to every member of Agony for accepting me as one of your own.

WTFB: Don't Mine

We all need to make isk, but mining is about the worst way to do it.  It's boring, low isk/hour, and any skills you train are useless for anything else.  If you truly enjoy mining, you're a weirdo.  If you like to make things, do something worth more isk/hour and buy the minerals.

I trained Mining to 3, Mining Upgrades to 1, Industry to 2, and Refining to 2 in a period of warped logic that I would build up some "isk making skills" when I started the game.  That's like 10,500 wasted skill points!  Don't do it, you can't get it back!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Alliance Tournament X

Edit:  Well that worked out :D.  Congratulations to Verge.

The final day is upon us, all 16 surviving teams are now only 4 victories away from being crowned champion.  Here are my predictions.

I'll be sure to brag when I'm right.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Eve Parodies

I love parodies Eve players make of popular music, I actually wish I could sing so I could make some myself, but I digress.  I will be keeping a list of every (good) parody I can find on this page.  I'm omitting some that are either terrible quality or where the singer is so bad it detracts from the song; everything else I find I will post here, so if you know of one I haven't found please let me know so I can add it to the list.  Enjoy.

By Suas
Little Bees
I Robbed A Goon
Seleene Transvestite
109 Stupid Goons
Fuck Goons

By Cearul 
How To Stay Aligned

By Poetic Stanziel

By Nitro G
Cynos Down

By Naburi NasNaburi
Eve, Oh Eve
My Guns Were Made For Shooting

By BendigoXana
Gate Camp Strut
Six Days On The Road

By Alekseyev Karrde & Jimer Lin
Pandemic Phone
Clik Lok

By Starstream
I'm Not Moving
Changed The Way You FC
Who's Gonna Save The Fleet Tonight?
Mad Eve World
I Dream Of Paradise, Everytime A Carebear Dies
Reship, Carry On (Blame CCP)
Eve Uprising
The Brightside Of PvP
Eve Players

By DavidKMagnus
Pandemic Legion
Elect Elise
Winter Update
Fight Us Maybe?

By Asa Shaddix
I'm In A Rokh
Nyx In A POS

By DJ  Doby
Hey Yaa (So Sacked)
Dear CCP
Dude Your Alt Is A Woman
The Real Slim Doby
Carebear Rhapsody
Riny XXX
E-R Army
Born To Play Eve

By Dreddit
I Love New Eden

By Sindel Pellion
Makalu Cries
Good Fight (featuring DJ Starstream)
Dock Game

By Vis Nyliss
(Internet) Starships

By Curzon Dax
Tribute To Sabre A
Romance In Eve
Battle Of The ePeens
Noob, You'll Have An ePeen Soon
Dax Is Back
Eve-O Logic
Rats Got Loot
Behind Carebear Eyes
Runaway Inflation
Dreaming Of Eve
Flashing Red
Forum Whiners Unite!
Silver Death Bots
I Need a New Home!
I'm A Racketeer!
I'm A Big Big Noob!
Because I Got High
Random Pwnage
Amarrian Pie
Flavor Of The Month
We Be Pirates
Carebear Blues
Ballad Of CCP
Eve Online Is For BOB

Monday, July 9, 2012

WTFB: Don't Corp Hop

I've been involved in the recruiting process a little bit in my Eve time and one of the first things that is looked at is employment history.  Having the list littered with dozens of different corps sends a huge red flag up to any recruiter and will make your chances of being accepted much harder.  This information says that either you are impossible to get along with, you're a scammer, you're flaky, you go inactive for long periods of time for no reason, or a combination of all of the above.

That's not to say you shouldn't leave a corp if it isn't working for you, or that it's terrible if you have some trouble finding your way when you're new to the game, just don't make a habit of it.  Understand that if you have a large number of corps you've been a member of, you are going to be asked questions about them and why you left.  This is especially true if the time spent in those corps is very short.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Noobs don't beware!

I had an interesting fight tonight.  First let me prefase this with the fact that I was very drunk (and still am as I write this, so forgive my writing on this one, I'm about 20 drinks deep currently).

In my drunken meandering I had a Wolf land on the gate with me as I was flying a Rifter.  I decided to engage and he obliged.  Quickly he had me in mid structure and I went to my pod-saver tab to attempt to warp out and save my pod.  To my surprise I saw my ship warp out of the area completely alive.  I asked him how he didn't kill me and this is the conversation that followed.

[ 2012.07.08 10:53:39 ] Virto Nex > didn't you kill me?
[ 2012.07.08 10:53:50 ] Neveen inglorious > lost point
[ 2012.07.08 10:53:51 ] Neveen inglorious > ...
[ 2012.07.08 10:54:10 ] Neveen inglorious > GF
[ 2012.07.08 10:54:15 ] Virto Nex > i'm so drunk thought it would be a good idea to engage a wolf
[ 2012.07.08 10:54:16 ] Virto Nex > lol
[ 2012.07.08 10:54:17 ] Virto Nex > fg
[ 2012.07.08 10:54:20 ] Virto Nex > *gf
[ 2012.07.08 10:54:24 ] Neveen inglorious > HAHA
[ 2012.07.08 10:54:34 ] Neveen inglorious > my first time solo frig
[ 2012.07.08 10:54:35 ] Virto Nex > Meh only a rifter, who cares
[ 2012.07.08 10:54:38 ] Neveen inglorious > so you had a chance
[ 2012.07.08 10:54:38 ] Virto Nex > right on man
[ 2012.07.08 10:54:56 ] Virto Nex > i was preparing to warp my pod out
[ 2012.07.08 10:55:01 ] Neveen inglorious > haha
[ 2012.07.08 10:55:09 ] Neveen inglorious > i dont know i just lost point
[ 2012.07.08 10:55:12 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : PVH8-0

At this point I started a private convo to continue the conversation.

[ 2012.07.08 10:55:38 ] Virto Nex > you had me in 52% structure
[ 2012.07.08 10:55:41 ] Neveen inglorious > y
[ 2012.07.08 10:55:46 ] Neveen inglorious > one or 2 more shots
[ 2012.07.08 10:55:50 ] Virto Nex > yup
[ 2012.07.08 10:56:06 ] Virto Nex > no one flys the wolf, props for flying something different
[ 2012.07.08 10:56:07 ] Neveen inglorious > ah well good practice
[ 2012.07.08 10:56:15 ] Virto Nex > exactly
[ 2012.07.08 10:56:19 ] Neveen inglorious > hit its fun
[ 2012.07.08 10:56:20 ] Virto Nex > i suck too
[ 2012.07.08 10:56:47 ] Virto Nex > thats why i don't fly the wolf, a web and you would have had me
[ 2012.07.08 10:57:07 ] Neveen inglorious > if you would have had scram i would have been gone
[ 2012.07.08 10:57:44 ] Virto Nex > nah you get too much bonus to weapons, you have to be damn good to take a t2 frig in a rifter
[ 2012.07.08 10:58:03 ] Virto Nex > of o were upi. o
[ 2012.07.08 10:58:06 ] Neveen inglorious > i have no tank and arty guns, if you get close real close
[ 2012.07.08 10:58:23 ] Neveen inglorious > well gf mate, cya around
[ 2012.07.08 10:58:24 ] Virto Nex > wft did i just send? ingore me
[ 2012.07.08 10:58:25 ] Virto Nex > lol
[ 2012.07.08 10:58:29 ] Virto Nex > yeah gf, take care and gl
[ 2012.07.08 10:58:30 ] Neveen inglorious > ;)
[ 2012.07.08 10:58:35 ] Neveen inglorious > cya

If either of us had been more experienced we probably would have won the fight.  We both sucked and in the end neither of us won.  My point with this is, don't be afraid to come out to null, you just might meet people as terribad as we are. :D

Friday, July 6, 2012

Blog Banter 37: Don't cross the line

"EVE Online sits on the frontier of social gaming, providing an entertainment environment like no other. The vibrant society of interacting and conflicting communities, both within the EVE client and without, is the driving force behind EVE's success. However, the anonymity of internet culture combined with a competitive gaming environment encourages in-game behaviour to spread beyond the confines of the sandbox. Where is the line?"

Eve is real they say, but how real can we allow it to be? There are people in this video game I will freely admit I can't stand; but what would happen if I met them in real life, or found their real facebook page, or anything outside of the game?  The answer to that is simple, nothing.

Let's back up a little bit though, at first look this is a very simple question with a very simple answer.  Would you physically harm someone in real life over a video game?  Would you attack them in their social circle?  Taunt, ridicule, harass them?  Of course you wouldn't; and if you would, it's probably time you stepped away from the computer for a while.  There's more to this simple question than would first appear though.

As we delve deeper into this line of thought a few truths arise.  First, we all think we're way smarter and more important than we really are.  Second, the internet allows us, via it's anonymity, to be someone other than our true selves.  In an of themselves these aren't bad things.  It can be a great relief to come home from your menial job and enter a world where you're a bad ass and incredibly important.  All games do this for you, frankly that's why we play them.  TV does this, movies, books, they all allow you to take away the stresses of life while enjoying another reality.

MMO's take this escape, and put you into a world filled with thousands of others trying to do the same thing.  Just like in real life though, in Eve you can be unsuccessful.  You can be unimportant.  But it allows us to take out our frustrations on other people.  You can be a jerk, you can be a criminal, you can be the lowest society has to offer, and have fun doing all of it.

Thirdly, there is no true governance online.  You can do what you want, say what you want, lie, be a dick, whatever.

Let me ask you a question.  If you knew, for a fact, that you could rob a bank for billions of dollars and would never get caught, would you do it?  I'd wager that 90+% of the world would say yes.  I know I would, we don't do it though because we know for a fact that we will get caught.  The problem with the internet is, we won't get caught for being a douche-bag.  Our parents/girlfriends/wives will never know what we watch late at night.  Your friends won't know that you love My Little Pony (shame on all of you btw).

What happens when you combine people being their natural dick selves with no repercussions trying to fight a bigger dick, all in a world that encourages it?  Lines get crossed.  People say racist, homophobic, sexual, and all around stupid things.

The way I see it, the line is truly crossed when you bring up someones personal life into the mix.  I know we've all used the word "fag" to describe another pilot we've met.  The problem arises when we use that word to attack the person behind the pilot who is in fact truly gay in real life.  The line for acceptable online interaction is much further back than what it is in day to day life, and you need to be prepared for that.  What you can not allow yourself to do though, is get involved in other players real lives in a negative way.  That can range from physical violence all the way to personal attacks on the forums and in chat.  The moment you bring up the person, you've crossed the line.

Remember, they're just like you, trying to escape from reality for a bit.  So be nice, don't attack their personal lives.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

WTFB: Alochol And Expensive Things

I know you've had that moment.  You get back from the bars, or after a party, and all you want is to see some shit explode.  We've all been there.  When you are at that point, don't grab your multi-billion isk, officer fit, Macherial.  Leave the Titan toon alone.  Don't so solo PvPing in your Tengu.  Grab something cheap and go fly.  You will lose it.

Fact:  Every single time I've PvPed while drunk, I've lost my ship.  Luckily I've never taken anything expensive out, but the fact remains.